Regenerative Medicine Seminar Sample

Dr. Gambacorta is speaking to an audience of nearly 200 people who have requested that he come to share information regarding stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. 

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(*lectures are for educational purposes only and do not replace a consultation, examination or intend to provide any medical advice for individuals. )

Our Story


In 2006, we began our exploration into the world of Regenerative Medicine. 

We harvested and stored our own children’s umbilical cord blood, and placental blood. 

At that time, in scientific research, we knew that there was tremendous advancements on the horizon for this rare and unique biological product.

We just did not know how important it was going to become to the future of Regenerative Medicine.  

Many of the applications, at that time, were not legally allowed to be performed in our country. 

10 years later, we are now using ‘live stem cells’ and various other natural biological products, to regrow and regenerate older and deteriorated human tissue. 

This modern marvel of treatment is producing amazing results that have saved thousands of people from pain, suffering, and needless surgery.

 We are blessed to have had the foresight, education, and a genuine desire to help the community. 

We thank God for this gift of purpose.

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